A Moment with Richard Juhlin

To help raise awareness of our upcoming charity auction to benefit the Central London Samaritans, the world’s leading champagne authority, Richard Juhlin, took a few moments to share his thoughts with us on champagne, football and 1966.

Richard Juhlin Clos & Cru

Martyn with Richard Juhlin, Bjornstierne Antonson & Rytis Jurkenas (L to R) judging at the Decanter World Wine Awards

Clos & Cru: How special is the experience to drink mature champagne?

Richard Juhlin: There is nothing better when the maturity is combined with vital freshness. Often that is only granted with vinotheque bottles coming directly from the house.

C&C: What do you like about the 1966 vintage?

RJ: 1966 is one of the greatest vintages ever. It is a quite light but super elegant vintage in the same style as 1979 and 1988. Most bottles are still fantastic but very rarely seen nowadays, unfortunately.

C&C: What do you like about Maison Jacquart?

RJ: Jacquart has always been a very reliable champagne house which offers splendid value for money in all categories. Even the luxurious prestige cuvees, with their elegant touch of coffee, cost less than many regular vintage wines.

C&C: You used to be a footballer.  Do you have any particular memories of football being a charitable force for good?

RJ:  Tricky question. But I think football is giving more peace and pleasure on earth than anything else nowadays. Football is the most international language on this planet, and all can afford it.


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