The only two Grand Marques based on the fabled 2008 vintage?

By Jack Chapman

Did you know that Charles Heidsieck NV and Krug NV are the only two Grand Marques currently on the market which are based on the fabled 2008 vintage?

Did you also know that we’re the only UK merchant in the ‘cercle Charles’, their ring of 15 preferred partners, so we have managed to secure a very limited parcel of 12 cases of both the Rose and white NV from this vintage?

Charles Heidsieck Rose

NV Charles Heidsieck Rose

These are truly astounding Champagnes, with the rose having scored 95 points from Decanter whilst being voted the best pink Champagne in a blind tasting of 99 competitors, (this included Veuve’s La Grande Dame 2006 Rose £191 btl) and the Brut NV constituting over 150 different base wines spanning 20 years dating back to 1988, laden with more gold medals than an Olympic cyclist.

Pretty good for their incredibly modest price tags.

Charles Heidsieck Brut

NV Charles Heidsieck Brut

Charles keeps on hand as much reserve wine as Veuve Clicquot in spite of being one sixteenth their size, as well as vinifying all of their vineyard plots separately to create some 350 base wines to blend into their Champagne. Couple this astounding variety with the maturity of these reserve wines and you can start to see why we absolutely adore them.

There is such a small quantity of these available that I have personally already purchased a case of each, which I will be drinking sparingly, with the right people, on special occasions.


          NV Charles Heidsieck Brut
          £140 per 6 bottles in bond
          (£31.33 per bottle duty & VAT paid)
          12 cases available
          94 points Richard Juhlin



           NV Charles Heidsieck Rose
           £210 per 6 bottles in bond
           (£45.33 per bottle duty & VAT paid)
           12 cases available
           95 points Richard Juhlin

“After more than 30 years’ intensive experience and a great deal of mature reflection, I have ripped up my old list of Champagne’s greatest producers and started a fresh with Charles Heidsieck firmly at the top… the most consistent, highest quality non-vintage on the market today”
– Tom Stevenson 

Please let me know if you wish to know more about Charles Heidsieck or email us on


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