98 point Syrah, £25 per bottle

By Jack Chapman

If told you that I’d just got hold of a 98 point scoring, Gold medal winning, five stars rated Syrah which was lauded as one of the top 25 red wines in the world by Decanter and cost £25 per bottle, you’d call me a liar.

Well, I’m not.

I find it hard to contain my excitement when I discover a wine I really, really love, and Vidal’s 2014 Legacy Series Syrah is one of them.

Vidal vineyard

Gimblett Gravels

When we sat down for a tasting with their down to earth winemaker, Hugh, the other week, the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘great, another fruit driven, immediately pleasurable but otherwise depth-less, structure-less and gut-less Syrah’.

How wrong was I.

This feels like New Zealand has come of age. Purity of fruit, structure driven and with incredible concentration. I really cannot overstate the pedigree here, and would draw many comparisons to great Hermitage, if I didn’t feel they were so exhausted and reductive

Vidal Winery

Original photo of Vidal Winery and truck


The only one caveat is you’ll have to wait until November for it to arrive, but we simply had to get this on pre-order, just to secure a few of the miniscule 500 case production.


Vidal Legacy Syrah

2014 Vidal Legacy ries Syrah, Hawkes Bay Gimblett Gravels
£155 per 6 bottles in bond
(£33.60 per bottle including all taxes)
*12 cases available

98/100 | Sam Kim, WIne Orbit
GOLD MEDAL | UK Internationl Wine Challenge 2017
97/100 | Bob Campbell, MW
19.5/20 | Raymond Chan
FIVE STARS | Winestate Magazine
FIVE STARS | Cuisine Magazine 2017
Top 25 red wines in the world | Decanter


Offered subject to remaining unsold, available November.
Please  email us on sales@closcru.com


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